Books too numerous to list here address a wide spectrum of breast cancer issues. They can be located by a keyword search on Amazon. In addition, a wealth of breast-cancer-related information resides on the World Wide Web. I made ample use of my search engine, with some discretion, to find various topics of particular interest, whether informative websites, advocacy websites, blogs, or chat rooms. Information can also be found in pamphlets and magazines available at hospitals or doctors’ offices.

Below I share some of the resources that have helped–and continue–to guide me and that have helped countless others facing cancer or interested in cancer-related issues.

Breast Cancer General Information:
Hospital and Government Cancer Information:

Cancer Blogroll:

Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions:
Managing Side Effects of Chemo and Herceptin:
  • Cancer Connect (valuable oncologist-reviewed information)
  • (provides information and offers confidential support for people undergoing chemo)
  • Neulasta (details on Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) and how to protect against chemo-related infection)
  • Aranesp (details on Aranesp (darbepoetin alfa) and treating chemo-induced anemia)
  • Managing Side Effects: Amgen (information to protect against infection, treat anemia and manage other side effects of chemo; includes Voices of Experience Support Network)
  • Herceptin (general resources and links on the Herceptin drug including support groups)
Beauty Issues:
Young Breast Cancer Survivors:
Breast Cancer Advocacy and Fundraising Groups:
General Cancer Advocacy Groups:
Breast Reconstruction (or not):
General Cancer Information:
Telling Children about your Cancer:
Cancer Clinical Trials:
Support Groups, Retreats, Discussion Boards on Cancer and Related Issues:
Lymphedema Books:
Lymphedema General Information:
Lymphedema Advocacy:
Lymphedema Products (not all inclusive, just some major ones):
Lymphedema Blogroll:
Support Groups Specifically for Lymphedema:
Cancer Caregiving:
Fitness for Breast Cancer Survivors:
General Health (best to search for conditions and diseases on these trusted sites rather than use a search engine like Google to find information on the specific condition/disease):
Vitamins and Herbal Supplements/Alternative and Integrative Medicine (CAUTION: PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE TAKING ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE/HERBS):
Cleaning Assistance:
  • Cleaning for a Reason Foundation (this nonprofit organization offers free professional housecleaning and maid services to women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer)
Legal Assistance:

Financial Assistance and Careers:

Health Insurance Affordability:

Journaling about Cancer:

Clothing for People with Breast Cancer and/or Lymphedema

Home Health and Personal Care

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