About Mourning Has Broken

How does a Christian woman maintain a bright outlook as she struggles through the psychological nightmare of breast cancer? A wife and mother, Jan is faced with a cancer crisis while raising three young boys, working full time, and teaching Sunday school. This intensely personal story chronicles how the Lord sustained her through two bouts with cancer. The reader discovers her process for enduring diagnosis and treatment, making instant decisions, seeking support groups, facing a curious public, and holding family and job together. She addresses beauty challenges and gives survival tips to weary travelers on this lonely road. The book also explores how to manage the physical and emotional trauma of lymphedema, a little-known disorder affecting many cancer survivors due to lymph-node surgery.

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You can purchase Mourning Has Broken online through Amazon.com (In Print) (Kindle Edition), Barnes & Noble, or Borders.

Other online venues for purchasing the book include Lyon BooksTower BooksAbeBooks.comThe Book Depository.comFamily Christian StoresFamily Bible CenterChristianbook.comParable Christian StoresDeeper Shopping Books and BiblesLiving Grace, and Xulon Press Publishers.  At the National Lymphedema Network (NLN) Web site you can purchase the book to give some profit back to the NLN.

Outside the U.S., Mourning Has Broken is available for purchase online at such sites as Amazon.co.uk (In Print) (Kindle Edition), Amazon.ca, Waterstones.comBookAdda.com, Infibeam.com and NBCIndia.com.

In addition, the e-book is for sale in various formats from Smashwords.

As always, Mourning Has Broken is available for purchase or for ordering at many brick-and-mortar bookstores, including most likely your neighborhood store if you live in the U.S.

Finally, you can contact Jan Hasak directly at jan@janhasak.com to order an autographed book directly from her.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Chapter 2: Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
Chapter 3: I’m Not in Kansas Anymore
Chapter 4: Radiating Joy?
Chapter 5: Say it Again, Jan. Lympha–huh?
Chapter 6: To Dream the Impossible Dream
Chapter 7: Who Ya Gonna Call? Cancerbusters!
Chapter 8: Remission Accomplished
Chapter 9: Finding Chemo
Chapter 10: The Gentle Jan that Could
Chapter 11: My Three Sons
Chapter 12: Forgiveness is Not a Four-Letter Word
Chapter 13: Journaling Through the Journey
Chapter 14: For the Beauty of the Girth
Chapter 15: Blessed Insurance—Business is Fine
Chapter 16: All My Sins and Griefs to Bear
Chapter 17: Artistic Expressions for the Soul
Chapter 18: She Ain’t Heavy; She’s My Sister
Chapter 19: Survival of the Unfittest
Chapter 20: Now I Know My ABCDs



“…I had been to that office many times for preventative checkups. But never had I shivered as I did while waiting uneasily in that cold, stark examining room once my blood pressure and temperature were taken. Fear-induced goose bumps aside, it didn’t help that I was draped in a thin paisley hospital gown with the opening in the front. After an eternity, the doctor entered the room. The ensuing clinical examination confirmed, much to my dismay, the presence of the lump. I was secretly hoping, but not really believing, that the lump was only imagined. As I expected from the concerned look on his face, the doctor scheduled a mammogram for as early a date as possible. Due to crowded calendars, the earliest appointment he could get was a week away. Knowing that mammograms are generally the first step in diagnosing the dreaded breast cancer, I tried, rather unsuccessfully, to push away the fear that was creeping into my heart. I put on a brave front. After all, unlike some stories I had heard, this doctor took seriously the presence of this lump and didn’t slough it off as not important or not big enough. I respected him greatly for that, and didn’t think he deserved to see my tears. In a daze, I went back to work again, waiting for the mammogram date to approach. While this period of waiting was only seven days, it seemed to stretch to infinity…”



“This is a very fine book.  The writing is so engaging, interesting, open, honest, memorable–all the adjectives one might use about a book that flows easily, carrying the reader along effortlessly. This is the first time I could call a book about surviving cancer a page-turner, but indeed it demands that the reader find out what happens next to the writer, or in this case, cancer patient.  This is a captivating memoir–with additional helpful information/tips for breast cancer patients.”  -Writer’s Digest Self Published Book Awards Judge

“A must-read book for those suffering any serious illness but especially women facing breast cancer.” -Monica Winarski, R.N., participant in the Nurse’s Health Study

“Jan and her book could not have come into my life at a better time. By sharing her experience, she has taken a good deal of the mystery out of this horrendous disease and its treatment. She demonstrates there is indeed life after breast cancer. Mourning Has Broken is a must read for any woman diagnosed with breast cancer as well as their families and loved ones. It’s a great reference, too – I use my copy often.” -Carllene Marek, freelance writer and breast cancer survivor.

“This Christian reflection contains medical information, personal anecdotes and lots of faith” -Christine Clifford Beckwith, Founder/President/CEO, The Cancer Club

“Jan speaks from her heart and from personal experience.” -Judith Munson, CEO, Inside the Workplace.

Mourning Has Broken is a compassionate and spiritually encouraging companion.” -The Buzz, 10/16/08, The Chico Enterprise-Record (reprinted with permission)

“Her chapter on forgiveness was a real eye-opener. It helped me to get past several obstacles on my own road to recovery from breast cancer.” -Pat Derenburger, breast-cancer survivor