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Jan Hasak is a motivational speaker and author. At seminars, support groups, and church gatherings she shares how her faith in Christ sustained her as she endured breast-cancer diagnosis and treatment at age 43 and again at 52. As an attorney at a leading biotechnology firm with an advanced scientific degree, she wrote patents for over 20 years. She won an award from her company for her account of being treated with its breast-cancer drug, Herceptin® and she also received a Lymphedema “D” Day award in 2008.

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In addition, she has written stories and commentary for various books and magazines:

Jan enjoys hiking, skiing, rollerblading, biking, swimming and running in the Sierra-Nevada foothills. She also enjoys traveling domestically and internationally, singing in groups, painting in acrylics and studying genealogy.

Jan Hasak enjoys skiing in the mountains of Northern California.